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Corresponds to the description of delivery fast

Mega fast delivery-5 days!!! Courier “Strizh” personally delivered to the hands. The seller is very sociable, adequate. At my request, I sent a manual in English in advance. The device is perfectly packed, no damage, packing-like from the store! The device itself in a case made of high-quality plastic, looks good-a real “firm”. I checked the device in operation, there are three control buttons. Everything and without instructions is intelligently clear. The screen is bright, without “Testament”, the numbers are large, clear. The show gives out the right ones (up to a hundred shares, of course, there is no way to check). I also saw the work of the laser, although Green would be better visible than red, but this, rather picky)). Definitely, I will buy with other equal from this seller. Recommend 04 Jan 2021 02:46

I didn’t like it… And the choice was made in favor of this device… Battery powered, screen illumination, fast (instant) positioning, magnetic base is a magnet of decent strength, two independent laser (sometimes useful, beam thick at the output of about 2-3mm, at a distance of 7 meters already 7-8mm, but for the construction will go, co-activity did not check), setting Zero from any angle, Shows data in degrees and percentage, although technically the screen is also shown in mm, but the firmware does not give, the case is rubberized, the weight is minor, the presence of a tripod mount (for lasers)… Instruction in Chinese, but in the last photo I have attached a brief instruction in English. Actually, that’s it… Played-very convenient thing. The purchase and seller is very pleased. Goods, probably (because. Seriously, I have not used it yet), I can recommend to purchase.

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Track tracked, DPD delivery. Packing: Plastic bag-tube package-plastic bag-retail carton box. Long could not decide on the purchase of this toy-expensive, large digital level STABILA I have… But still practicality prevail, because. Often enough you have to measure the angle and Horizon in small spaces… It is possible and a large level, through spacers, but not always and it is very uncomfortable. Now inserted the question what to buy, this expensive (by the way there is even more expensive almost twice, in it there is an opportunity to bring the entire plane into the horizon, not in several techniques, but it has no lasers) or much cheaper… Read reviews about cheap-in principle shows exactly, but the positioning at him very long (some mentioned about 10-15 seconds)… Yes, still powered by batteries… 09 Oct 2020 07:08